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Employees miss out on pension contributions

£535 million of pension contributions have been lost over the last 3 years, due to employees opting out of auto-enrolment, according to new research published by NOW: Pensions.

Employees earning £26,500 have lost £1,247 of possible contributions with £624 being paid by their employer. In contrast, employees earning £40,000 have lost £2,062 with £1,031...

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National Minimum Wage Increases

From Thursday 1 October, over 1 million workers will see their pay rise when the national minimum wage (NMW) goes up.

The adult hourly rate increases by 20p to £6.70 and the rate for 18-20 year olds will now be £5.30. Apprentices can now expect to receive £3.30 an hour, an increase of 57p. The proportion of workers earning the legal minimum is set to...

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Employers worried about pension tax relief changes

Businesses have raised concerns over the possible changes to pension tax relief announced in Summer Budget 2015 in a survey released by Aviva.

The survey of 118 businesses revealed that 67% think that the introduction of an ISA style system where both employee and employer contributions would be subject to tax, would lead to a decrease in the amount being saved by workers.


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Insurance industry pays out £77 million a day

Insurers paid out around £77 million a day in insurance claims in 2013, statistics released by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) show.

The UK has the largest insurance and long term savings industry in Europe and the third largest in the world. As well as paying out millions to consumers and businesses every day, the industry contributes £29 billion to UK GDP and pays £12...

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Dividend cover ratio falls

Dividend cover for the index of 350 leading shares has fallen to its lowest level since 2009, research by The Share Centre has shown.

Dividend cover is the ratio of after tax profits divided by the dividends paid. If the ratio is high people can be confident that the company in question will be able to afford its dividend payouts. If the ratio is low it means that further falls in...

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